n3t Seznam Captcha could be installed as any other extension in Joomla! For detailed information see Joomla documentation.

Do not forget to enable the plugin after installation.


For correct function of n3t Seznam Captcha either cUrl PHP extension has to be enabled on your server, or PHP setting "Allow URL fopen" (allow_url_fopen) has to be set to true.

These are very common settings, and usually one of these is enabled on common hosting servers.

If none is detected, error message would be displaeyd on your forms. If you found this error message enable one of these settings on your hosting server, or contact your hosting provider to enable it.

Joomla! versions

Currently only Joomla 3.4 and newer is supported. If you are looking for Captcha for sites based on older version of Joomla! download older version of n3t Seznam Captcha.

More information could be found in Release notes

Enabling Captcha

To enable n3t Seznam Captcha (or any other captcha in Joomla!) there are few options:

Global configuration

In Joomla! global configuration there is option to select Default Captcha. If you select n3t Seznam Captcha here, it shgould be enabled globally for any components or extensions supporting Captcha, if in that extension is not Captcha disabled, or selected different Captcha engine.

Extension based

Every Captcha supporting extension (usually component, but could be module or plugin also) should have in its configuration field to select Captcha. There is no general rule, where this field should be, you have to check configuration of your extension. For example for base Contacts component, you can find field "Allow Captcha on Contact" on Form page in its configuration.

In some extension this settings could be found not in its configuration but in parameters of its categories, items etc.

Note that in most cases you will propably enable Captcha in global configuration
and you do not need to take care of extension specific Captcha. This will be propably used only for very special and rare reasons.

Extensions support

n3t Seznam Captcha uses standard Joomla! way for Captcha integration introduced in Joomla! 1.6. In other words, it is supported by all extensions that uses this standard Captcha implementation.

Unfortunately, until now there are lot of components and Joomla! extensions, that rather use their own Captcha style, and do not support standard Joomla Captcha API.

With such extensions n3t Seznam Captcha will not work, and there is nothing we could do about that. If you want to use n3t Seznam Captcha with such extension, please contact its developer and ask him to enable standard Joomla! Captcha API in his/her extension.