Custom styling

Any part of n3t Seznam Captcha output could be overwritten in your template or Joomla! instance. Depending of what kind of behavior you want to change, read proper chapter.

Langauge overrides

The most simple thing, you could override are some texts. There are very few texts in n3t Seznam Captcha, so this would be simple task.

If your Joomla! instance is running different language than english, and you still see english messages on your Captcha field, check first, if there is available translation to your language. If not, please consider to contribute and add this translation. It is quite simple task, using Transifex online translation environment.

If you found some text not to be suitable for your site, and you would like to change it little bit, just go to your administration, menu Extension - Langauge manager and choose overrides on the left side menu.

In the filter field, which will appear on the left side, just choose your language and Administrator (seems maybe strange, as you want to translate site, but plugins has stored their language files in administrator area). So for english you should choose filter named something like English (en-GB) - Administrator.

Now click on New icon in toolbar. This will open a form to add new language override. If you do not know the name of language constant, you want to change (and if you are reading this guide, you propably don't), use the search form on the right side, and enter at least part of the text, you want to change. List of available text constants will be displayed. Just click on the one, you want to change. It will be copied to the form on the left, where, in the Text field you can change, what it says.

To find all texts used in n3t Seznam Captcha change in search form to search on Constant instead of Value and enter N3TSEZNAMCAPTCHA in the search field.

Themes CSS override

If you like on of pre-defined themes, but you want to change it little bit, you have generally two options, either disable the theme and include its CSS and images in you template directly, or use so called template override.

Template override is quite simple, just go to /media/plg_n3tseznamcaptcha/css folder on your FTP, and copy from there any CSS you want to change.

Make your changes and upload your changed CSS to /templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/css/plg_n3tseznamcaptcha folder on your FTP. That is all.

Note, that if you copy for example Light or Dark Theme CSS file, you should also change path to icons used in these files, or copy those icons into your template also. As CSS is targeting image files using relative paths, you borwser will look for these icons relatively to CSS file location.

HTML override

If, for some reason, you wnat to change HTML produced by n3t Seznam Captcha, it could be done again with template override.

In this case, original files could be found in /plugins/captcha/n3tseznamcaptcha/tmpl. Currently there are 3 files in this location (in future releases could be more), each theme is using one of these files, so you propably would need to copy just one.

Select file which is named according theme you use (for Bootstrap it would be bootstrap.php for example). If there is no file named as your theme, copy default.php, which is fallback file (used by default, if there is no theme specific HTML file).

Now copy this file to /templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/plg_captcha_n3tseznamcaptcha folder, and make your changes.

Note, that some of CSS classes are necessary for proper plugin functionality (at least, if you use original JavaScript file). These are those starting with seznam-captcha. Also naming of inputs should stayed untouched. Generally, change these files, only if you really know, what you do, as you can easilly make your Captcha not working.

JavaScript override

Finally, if JavaScript used by n3t Seznam Captcha needs to be overriden, again, the solution is template override.

In this case, you need to copy files from /media/plg_n3tseznamcaptcha/js to /templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/js/plg_n3tseznamcaptcha, make your changes, and you are done.

Why to use template override?

Maybe you are confused, why to copy some files, if you can change its contents directly in original location. The answer is very simple, you keep backward compatibility.

If you change contents of these files in its originall location, you will loose your changes upon next upgrade. So if you want to upgrade (and this is always recommended through possible occurance of security issues), and do not want to make your changes after every upgrade, use template override.